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What is Home Insurance ?
Security & safety are the primary tenets of a home. However, in uncertain times, safety can be a major concern and buying a strong, affordable home insurance policy is a way to ensure that our homes are never compromised, especially when home insurance
Home insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy offers coverage to private residences (homes) in the case of a fire, natural calamity (flood, cyclone, lightning strikes etc.) or man-made mishap (theft, burglary, riot, terrorist attack, etc.)
What home insurance does is protect homeowners in case of damage to property & the contents of the house due to a disaster, natural or man-made.
Benefits of Home Insurance
Having a home insurance policy ensures that in case of any accident or mishap, you and your loved ones can resettle and move on seamlessly from the shock of it. Your home is built with many investments made over a long period of time. A natural disaster or mishap like fire, can damage it all in one go.
You can buy the best home insurance policy online and avail benefits like:
  • 1. Peace of Mind: In case of any unprecedented damage, your home insurance policy ensures that you are still grounded and in control of the situation. This can help your loved ones feel safe & secure, even in the face of an accident
  • 2. Low Premium Cost Home insurance policy premiums cost lower than other policy premiums (health, life etc.). Having property insurance is thus an affordable way to protect your most valuable investments
  • 3. Choice of Cover Home insurance plans have various kinds of protections available for homeowners. While a comprehensive home insurance policy provides all kinds of coverage, some homeowners may specifically require a particular protection (Flood protection in low lying areas, fire protection plan etc.). You can buy property insurance online and choose one which best suits your needs
  • 4. Quick Rebuilding With Home Insurance pay-outs, you can resettle as quickly as possible. The sooner you rebuild your home, the sooner your loved ones feel safe and protected. This can help reduce the impact and everyone can lead a normal, happy life again
  • 5. Safeguarding Your Valuable Contents With home insurance plans, you have an option to safeguard the contents inside the house as well. These include expensive assets and valuables like furniture, electronic appliances, jewellery etc. On paying an additional premium, all your precious items are covered in case of a fire, burglary, or natural calamity
Types of Home Insurance Policies:
There are several types of home insurance covers available for homeowners in India. The most commonly available plans include:
  • 1. Standard Fires & Special Perils Policy: This is the most commonly available home protection insurance and it protects homeowners or tenants against damages caused due to fire, natural disasters (earthquake, flood etc.) and man-made calamities (pipe burst, theft, missile testing operations etc.)
  • 2. Public Liability Coverage This type of cover extends to third parties who may be present inside the home and face loss, injury or damage due to natural/man-made disaster. The safety of guests, visitors, relatives is covered under this home insurance cover.
  • 3. Building Structure/Home Insurance This policy extends coverage to the actual structure of residence/building and permanent fixtures (elevators, kitchen bearings etc.) inside and outside the structure. It also extends cover to additional structures which are part of the home but are not necessarily attached directly to the structure (garage, sheds, lawns, pools etc.)
  • 4. Burglary & Theft This home cover becomes active in case of burglary or theft, leading to loss and/or damage to persons and/or possessions present inside the home (jewellery, appliances, furniture etc.)
  • 5. Contents Insurance This protection extends to all contents and valuables present inside the home which have faced damage or loss due to fire or any calamity. It includes all material (furniture, appliance, valuables, upholstery etc.) which can perish in a flood/fire/earthquake etc. or is stolen in a theft or burglary.
  • 6. Landlord Insurance This is the home protection cover that a landlord takes out for protection of their building/residence. It is a standard building protection policy.
  • 7. Tenant Insurance This is a home insurance policy for tenants who reside in rented apartments. It is important to be protected against unprecedented liabilities when you live in a rented apartment. Tenant insurance helps protect tenants in case of mishaps.
  • 8. Bharat Griha Raksha This is a standard home insurance plan launched in 2021 by IRDAI. It is a standard Special Fire & Special Perils Policy available to Indian home owners for home building & contents of home. It covers a wide range of natural catastrophes, man-made disasters and faults (leakage, pipe bursts etc.) and provides coverage within seven days of listed calamity strike. The cover can be extended to valuables and also provides personal accident cover for injured policyholder or spouse caused due to listed events.
Help Section/FAQ:

Home insurance policies can be purchased online from registered insurance providers like
  • Just add your details of property and contact details to get a quote.
  • Compare quotes from various insurance providers and choose the best one.
  • Make an online payment and receive policy on registered email ID.

Yes, your jewellery and other valuables can be insured under a home insurance policy. You can cover it by paying an additional premium.

Your Home Insurance Policy will cover any loss/ damage caused to your belongings (appliances, laptops, furniture, upholstery etc.) and pay-outs will help you rebuild and restore your home.

Yes, if you are a landlord, you can buy home insurance for your apartment if it is not for a commercial purpose and is not illegal construction.

Damage caused due to fire is covered under Special Fires & Special Perils policy. It is a type of home insurance policy.

When you sell your property, the ownership rights change and the policy is suspended. The insurer will refund the balance amount of premium to the policyholder.
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