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What is Travel Insurance ?
A plan that offers a financial shield while travelling is known as travel insurance. It offers an umbrella of assistance services and coverage during health issues encountered while travelling. You can opt for travel insurance in India or abroad, making this financial instrument useful for both domestic as well as international trips. The financial burdens that a travel insurance policy can protect you from include issues such as loss of baggage as well as unforeseen emergencies such as a medical emergency or unforeseen flight cancellation among other things
Features and Benefits of Travel Insurance
When it comes to the quintessential question of “why it is important to have travel insurance”, there are various dimensions to explore. The core features and the consequent benefits of owning a travel insurance policy are as follows:
  • 1. Medical Emergencies and Hospitalization Travel insurance provides coverage against healthcare expenses that may arise due to sudden illness or health issues or meeting with an accident in a foreign land during the travel. Thus, it is vital for every traveller flying abroad to have adequate insurance coverage to extend financial support during any medical emergencies
  • 2. Medical Evacuation Covers all costs incurred for any emergency transportation and evacuation services, to transfer you to an appropriate medical facility within Insurance company’s network
  • 3. Trip Cancellation & Interruption Covers financial loss incurred out of cancellation of your trip due to an unforeseen event arising due to specified manmade or natural situations
  • 4. Personal Liability Covers expenses against legal liability for bodily injury or property damage that occurred accidentally to third parties during your trip
  • 5. Daily Allowance in case of Hospitalization Pays a specific amount per day in case of hospitalization to meet numerous allied expenses such as attendant’s meals, transportation and communication incurred, which are generally not covered under the Policy. It pays you if the hospitalization is for over two consecutive days, for a defined period by Insurance company
  • 6. Loss of Checked-in Baggage Covers expenses for your checked-in baggage that you lost while in custody of the Common Carrier.
  • 7. Delay of Checked-in Baggage Covers expenses in case of a delay in receipt of the checked-in baggage beyond 12 consecutive hours.
  • 8. Loss of Passport Covers expenses for the issue of a new or duplicate passport in case you lose your passport
  • 9. Accidental death and dismemberment In case of death or disability arising due to an injury sustained during the trip, the policy will pay as per the limits specified in the policy
  • 10. Up-gradation To Business Class Compensates for up-gradation to business class for return air travel, in case of hospitalization for over five consecutive days, due to injury sustained whilst on a trip

    Some companies also cover any hospitalization expenses incurred due to covid when you are travelling.
Types of Travel Insurance Online in India
Depending on where and how you are planning to travel, the type of travel insurance that you need to opt for can vary. There are several types of insurance policies for someone looking to go on a trip, whether it be alone or with a group, regional or international. Here are some of the core types of policies that you can choose from:
  • 1. Domestic Travel Insurance As the name suggests, domestic travel insurance policies are specifically for travellers who are planning a trip within the confines of their own country. In this case, some of the core coverage options offered by the plan include baggage loss, medical emergencies and other unexpected expenses that may arise while travelling to destinations within the policyholder’s home country
  • 2. International Travel Insurance These are special types of travel insurance plans that are applicable for policyholders travelling outside their native country. There are certain coverage options available within the purview of such types of plans that tend to offer financial protection against circumstances that tend to be especially crucial when travelling abroad. Some of the special coverage options involved in such types of policies include financial protection against flight hijacking and repatriation to native country, among other aspects
  • 3. Group Travel Insurance/Corporate Travel insurance Policy In the case of corporate outings and business trips within the country or abroad, opting for travel insurance plans for each individual can easily become a cumbersome process. Hence, in such cases, group travel insurance is especially applicable. These types of insurance plans are usually purchased by the employer for their employees and allow management of unforeseen expenses without having to face highly compounded premium rates which might arise due to individual purchase of policies
Different Plans available with Travel Insurance
  • 1. Single Trip Travel Insurance Purchasing a single trip travel insurance plan allows you to enjoy the financial protection offered by the policy only for a single trip. During the time of the trip, the policy maintains its validity and as soon as your travel ends, the plan is considered to be null and void
  • 2. Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Multi-trip travel insurance policies are applicable for more than one trip and offer financial protection for extended periods, often covering all trips within a stipulated time frame, such as a year. In this case, you do not need to constantly buy a new policy whenever you travel
Travel Insurance Claims Process
  • STEP 1 Get in touch with the insurer through email or via phone call and inform them about their desire to file a claim or call the Elephant Relationship Manager if you purchased the policy through us.
  • STEP 2 Once the insurer is informed of the want to claim on the part of the policyholder, they will inform you of certain documents that are to be submitted to support your claim. The documents involved in such circumstances might vary largely depending on the underlying reasons for filing the travel insurance claim – such as cancelled flight ticket, hospital bills, etc
  • STEP 3 The document thus mentioned by the insurer are to be sent via mail, fax or post by the policyholder
  • STEP 4 Once the documents are submitted, they will be verified by the insurer against the coverage terms mentioned in the policy. If everything checks out, it should be smooth sailing for you
Help Section/FAQ:

In case of certain countries, the visa procedures involve mandatory travel insurance purchase. However, for domestic trips there is no compulsion to avail a travel insurance plan before travelling. At the same time, opting for a travel insurance plan is a responsible move as it can help you in times of emergency and save you from unnecessary expenses.

The coverage offered by travel insurance plans are specifically for emergency situations only. Any pre-existing conditions prevailing are treated as an exclusion by most of the companies. However there are a few insurance companies who cover pre-existing conditions.

Yes, presently as per the prevailing guidelines of IRDAI, all the insurance companies are supposed to cover COVID 19 expenses insured by the client till the extend of hospitalization cost provided the customer is hospitalized for more than 72 hours.

There are specialized travel and health insurance plans for COVID-19 which we suggest you purchase if you are planning to travel during the pandemic. At the same time, there are certain insurance plans that have included COVID-19 treatments as a part of their normal plans as well. Make sure you do your research before opting into any plan.

Health insurance and travel insurance vary in certain very specific areas. In essence, travel insurance plans offer coverage above and beyond medical emergencies, such as for flight cancellation, baggage loss, repatriation, trip interruption and so on. Moreover most of your Health Insurance plans will cover you only if you get treated in India Select a travel insurance plan over a health insurance policy if you want to safeguard yourself from the financial burden of these unforeseen circumstances while travelling.
Our latest Insurance articles & videos
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    Published on: 21st Nov 2022
    Is it worth buying term life insurance in your 50s?

    Between 2021 and 2022, Indian ownership of term insurance plans increased from 39% to 43% 1.

    Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of having a term life insurance plan!

    It’s a type of plan that provides pay-out to your nominee(s) in the case of your unfortunate demise.  This pay-out will not only protect your loved ones from a sudden loss of income but also help paying back the unpaid loans such as home loans, student loans, etc.

    Even though it’s smart to buy term insurance early, you still have time! So, yes! It is worth buying term insurance in your 50s. Here’s why:

    5 Benefits of Buying Term Insurance in Your 50s

    Here are the five most important benefits of buying term insurance in your 50s:

    1. Replace Lost Income and Pay Living Expenses

    Irrespective of your age when you die, a term plan can help your dependents make up for the lost source of income, especially if you were the sole breadwinner. The pay-out received can help them pay their living expenses.

    2. Meet Your Family’s Lifestyle Needs

    Over time, our lifestyle requirements change. Alongside, inflation keeps rising and that brings down our purchasing power. The pay-out that your nominees get from term insurance can financially aid them to maintain their lifestyle.

    3. Protection against Liabilities

    You may have taken out loans to buy a house, a car, and other assets. You can rest assured that even if you pass away, the burden from these loans won’t put your family in financial danger. If something tragic happens, the payment from the term plan might be able to pay off the loan(s). Moreover, his gives them peace of mind to focus on their own needs.

    4. Financial Security for Children

    Your kids are growing and so are their costs to have a stable livelihood. The maturity benefit of term insurance can also help financially secure the future of your children, at least until they start earning themselves.

    5. Tax Benefits

    Taxpayers may claim specific tax benefits in accordance with the guidelines set in the Income Tax Act. The most often claimed tax benefits fall under Section 80C and Section 10(10D). Please note that the tax norms are subject to change.

    To conclude, you can enjoy the above benefits irrespective of the age at which you opt for term insurance. So, compare and buy the best term life insurance plan most suited for your and your family’s future financial security.


    Tax Disclaimer: Tax benefits are defined by the Income Tax Act of 1961 and are subject to any future changes. It is suggested that you consult with a tax consultant.

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    Published on: 03rd Jun 2022
    How to Renew Your Two-Wheeler Insurance After Expiry

    Every two-wheeler owner is required to have at least a third-party insurance plan to ride a bike or a scooter in India. As per Indian Motor Traffic laws, it is illegal to drive without a 3rd party insurance in the country. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a bike insurance plan without fail. Not renewing the bike insurance on time could result in the lapse of the policy. This is in effect, an expiry of the policy.

    Bike insurance policy renewal can be easily done online rather than visiting the insurance company’s branch office. The policy can still be revived, even if you missed the deadline. It’s better to renew a policy than take a new one, as you do not need to be on-boarded once again. The insurer already has all your details.

    Many insurance companies remind their policyholder through emails, calls, WhatsApp or texts as their insurance premium payment date approaches. Sometimes we tend to miss these when we don’t see the appropriate communication or we forget to make payments in time. However, if you have missed the renewal date of your insurance policy, immediately get in touch with your insurance company.

    The first step you can take is to call your insurance company and ask for assistance related to policy renewal. In case you have lost track of your two-wheeler insurance renewal date or have missed renewing it before the due date, try to check your details online first. In situations where you are only paying after the due date, insurance providers avoid vehicle inspections.

    There are two ways to renew your lapsed two-wheeler insurance plan i.e. online and offline. Follow these steps to complete the two-wheeler insurance renewal online after expiry:

    1. Check if you have all the policy requirements ready with you. You can make changes to your policy at the time of renewal.
    2. Login to your insurer’s website.
    3. Enter the details related to your bike.
    4. Select the type of bike insurance policy.
    5. Select add-ons if required.
    6. Make a payment through available payment methods.

    Your two-wheeler insurance will be renewed and your renewed bike insurance policy will be sent to your registered email.

    Consider the following points before purchasing/renewing a two-wheeler insurance policy.

    1. Be aware of fraudulent offers
    2. Never click on unknown links, asking you to renew on other platforms
    3. Ensure that the insurer’s authorized signature is there on all policy documents.
    4. Always ask for a payment receipt.

    When purchasing two-wheeler insurance, the best way to do it is online, on a reputed website like Elephant. This way you can compare different bike insurance quotes and get insured with the best policy.

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    Published on: 30th May 2022
    Reasons to get travel insurance for your next international vacation

    International travel can be scary and fun! Did you know that some tourists are known to travel with chefs who can cook food for them – while they travel? This can be a wise decision for most vegetarians who may or may not find the food they need in smaller countries! To what extent should this be done? Should you travel with a Doctor too? The point is you can be careful, but you cannot prepare for everything – it’s practically impossible.

    Life is erratic, and the risks only multiply when you are in a foreign land among people you don’t know. There is no guarantee that your trip will go as per plan. You are highly vulnerable from being robbed to meeting an accident or missing your flight. Your trip can take the most unexpected turns in the most inconvenient of times. This is where having travel insurance can come to your aid.

    A travel insurance policy can help you maximize the benefits of travelling and ensure that you are prepared for any circumstance in your journey. Here are a few reasons to consider buying a travel insurance policy:

    1. Support in case of medical emergencies

    Being in a medical emergency while in a different country or on a flight is completely different from just being ill. Getting medical treatment abroad can be very expensive. Furthermore, instances of medical evacuation from the country will add to your expenses.

    Having a travel insurance policy with an adequate cover that protects medical hospitalization/expenses, will save you from hefty medical bills. Your insurance provider can also connect you to the right doctors and hospitals for getting prompt medical care.

    1. Retrieve flight scheduling and cancellation fees

    Cancelling or rescheduling flights due to bad weather, strikes, or medical emergencies, can disturb your travel plans. Without travel insurance, you might end up paying the flight cancellation charges. With travel insurance, such charges can be taken care of, and you can enjoy your vacation as planned.

    1. Replacement of stolen or lost luggage

    Misplaced or theft of your luggage is not uncommon when travelling. Be it the loss of your debit/credit card/passport or a broken phone due to the carelessness of an airline baggage handler, the right travel insurance will cover you.

    1. Protection against personal liability

    A travel insurance policy can come to your aid if you are responsible for property damage or any injury suffered by a third party. Instead of being a victim, you could be at fault in a certain situation and have to compensate for damages. A travel insurance policy can cover you in such scenarios too.

    1. Safeguard your home when you travel

    Certain travel insurers provide security to your house while you travel abroad. Protection against expenses incurred due to burglary or fire falls under this plan.

    1. Stress-free travel and stays

    With an appropriate travel insurance policy, you can enjoy a stress-free journey while reclaiming losses against uncertain events. It helps to compensate for longer stays due to poor health. It will cover you till you are healthy to travel again.

    A travel insurance policy is a must for those who want to make the most of their travel/ vacation. With several insurance plans available on Elephant, you can compare and get the best one for yourself.

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    Published on: 26th May 2022
    Why you should consider buying critical illness insurance at an early age

    Critical illness insurance protects the insured against serious diseases, which require expensive treatment. When diagnosed with critical diseases like heart attack, cancer, liver cirrhosis, any major surgeries, etc, critical illness insurance ensures a smooth process to settle huge bills. Critical illness bills can result in all your savings drying up. These can easily set you back by Rs 10 lakhs plus.

    It helps the family to save costs, and isn’t it wise to buy a critical illness insurance plan before the need arises? The benefits of buying critical illness insurance at an early age are as follows:

    • Lower Premiums

    The age of a policyholder is an important factor when deciding the insurance premium. With good health and a lower probability of contracting a serious disease, insurers allow younger policyholders to pay cheaper premiums. Applying for a critical illness plan is easier when one is still in their 20s or 30s because insurers allow low premiums ensuring maximum savings. If the insured does ever require coverage, the longer time that they have paid premiums ensures an easy claim settlement process.

    • Lump-Sum Payment for diagnosis and treatment

    Treatment of critical illnesses is more expensive than regular diseases. Critical illness insurance plans usually provide lump-sum payments for treatment, diagnosis, and post-operative care. Many people cannot seek proper treatment as these are not affordable for all. Opting for a critical illness insurance plan at a young age ensures you get the best treatment and procedures when needed

    • Related expenditure coverage

    To seek the requisite treatment, patients with cardiovascular or other serious diseases may often need to travel to a different city or country. The patient may be accompanied by friends or family members, and the travel expenses can become too much to bear, especially when you are worried about how much the treatment will cost. Critical illness insurance also allows paying for the miscellaneous expenses that occur in the course of treatment.

    • The family’s lifestyle need not change

    When a family member, especially the sole breadwinner, is diagnosed with a critical disease, it affects the entire family’s lifestyle. The family works to save funds to aid the member’s recovery, and they compromise on living comfortably. However, with a simple heart or overall critical illness insurance, the family members need not worry about cutting down their expenses and living comfortably while taking care of their unwell relative.

    Buying critical illness insurance prevents a lot of stress by taking care of expenses incurred during diagnosis and treatment. Visit Elephant and compare plans to safeguard yourself against critical illnesses and surgeries.

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    Published on: 26th May 2022
    How Does Cyber Insurance Work?

    The cost of dealing with data breaches is beyond strengthening security procedures, repairing databases, or replacing lost laptops. Traditional business insurance is not enough to protect companies from cyber-crime. But do you wonder how does cyber insurance works?

    Cybercrime is one of the most frequent types of crime, and yet it is not given the attention it requires. Individuals and businesses are susceptible to cybercrime. 2020 made conditions worse as companies had to work remotely without sufficient security measures.

    India saw a 65% rise in cybercrime cases filed in 2020. Various small, medium and large-scale enterprises get affected by such crimes. To recoup the losses and expenses incurred while facing a cyberattack, it is wise to get cyber insurance.

    The cyber security insurance process works like any other form of insurance. Cyber insurance is provided by many insurers who also provide other forms of business insurance, such as property insurance, errors and omission insurance, and liability insurance. Cyber insurance policies often include first-party coverage, which means losses that impact an organization, and third-party coverage, which means losses incurred by other organizations due to business relations with affected enterprises.

    A cyber insurance plan helps an enterprise to pay for any financial losses that incur in the event of a data breach or a cyberattack. It also helps them cover the costs of legal services, investigation, crisis communication, and refunds to the customers.

    Cybersecurity insurance typically includes first-party coverage of losses due to hacking, data extortion, data destruction, and data theft. The main areas covered by cyber insurance include:

    1. Data Recovery

    Cyber insurance usually enables the business to pay for the recovery of data compromised by a cyberattack.

    1. Recovering personal identities

    A cyber liability insurance policy helps an organization restore the personal identities of affected customers. Theft of personal identities is one of the scariest things that can happen to any individual. A stolen identity can help a criminal check into a hotel in London, United Kingdom while you are actually in Mumbai, India.

    1. Customer notifications

    Enterprises are required to notify their customers of a data breach, especially if it involves theft or loss of personally identifiable information(PII). Cyber insurance helps businesses cover the cost of this process.

    1. System damage repair

    The policy covers the cost of repairing computer systems and servers damaged by a cyberattack. It does not cover the cost of data recovery. It is important to read the fine print in each case.

    1. Ransom Demands

    Cyber insurance can help enterprises to cover the cost of meeting extortion/data ransom demands of the compromised data. A lot of times, computation of this amount is difficult. In case intellectual property or competitive trade secrets are lost – identifying the amount to be reimbursed is tough. The amount spent in building this IP or competitive advantage is difficult to calculate and you may or may not get the full amount you believe the Insurance company must give.

    Pricing the cyber risk depends on the organization’s revenue and operating industry. To qualify for insurance, the insurer will carry out a security audit. The information gathered from the audit will guide the type of policy the insurance company can offer and the cost of premiums.

    Policies vary between different insurance companies. Therefore, it is best to visit Elephant and compare policies to ensure required provisions and protection are covered by the policy.

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    Published on: 20th May 2022
    Different types of Term Insurance Plans

    A Term Insurance Policy is one of the most basic and traditional forms of life insurance. There must be someone to look after the expenses of your family and term insurance does this job in your absence.

    These plans protect your family against unforeseen circumstances by offering financial security for managing their expenses if you are not around. A specific time period assigned to the term insurance plan is known as the plan term. In case a policyholder dies during the plan term, your family is paid a sum assured by the insurance company.

    Term Insurance can be broadly classified into 6 types, based on their coverage and term insurance benefits:

    1. Level Term Plan

    It is the most simple and basic form of term insurance where the sum assured is fixed throughout the policy tenure. Nominees will receive benefits after the death of the policyholder.

    1. TROP (Term Return of Premium)

    This insurance plan comes with a maturity benefit wherein the total premium amount will be returned to the insured if he/she survives the policy tenure.

    1. Increasing Term Plan

    While maintaining the premium amount at the same value, the policyholder has the option to increase the assured sum annually during the tenure.

    1. Decreasing Term Plan

    Unlike the increasing term plan, the sum assured keeps on decreasing every year to meet the decreasing insurance requirements of the policyholder. This policy comes in handy if the insured person has taken a huge personal loan or is paying an EMI.

    1. Convertible Term Plans

    With these plans, the policyholder can convert this plan into any other type of insurance plan at a future date. For instance, if you have bought a term insurance policy for 25 years, but after 5 years, if you want to convert it into whole insurance, an endowment plan, etc., you can change it without any hassle.

    1. Term Plan with Riders

    This type of plan comes with rider options such as critical illness cover, death cover, etc., which can be purchased with the term insurance by paying a small premium.

    Life throws a lot of surprises, and these surprises may be bitter sometimes. You can visit Elephant and opt for online term insurance to protect your family against the uncertainties of life.

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    Published on: 16th May 2022
    What is the Difference Between Own-Damage vs Third-Party Insurance for Two Wheelers?

    The primary difference between an own-damage and third-party cover is that of coverage benefits.

    As the name suggests, own damage bike insurance protects your vehicle against damages due to an accident. The IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) has permitted bike owners to purchase standalone damage cover from different insurers. Bike owners can opt for this coverage for a year and renew the same if required. By paying an extra premium, bike owners can enhance coverage by opting for add-ons. This allows you to get your bike/ scooter repaired easily with the insuring company paying for all damages.

    The third-party bike insurance policy offers protection to two-wheeler owners against injury, damages, or death caused due to a third party or their property. It protects the owner against legal liabilities.

    Differences between third-party and own-damage insurance for two-wheeler:

    Parameter Third-Party Own-damage
    Protection This type of insurance protects against damages caused to a third person or property. It protects you against damages caused to your bike.
    Legal Liability As per the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, third-party insurance is mandatory Own-damage insurance is optional, depending on the requirements.
    Add-ons No add-ons can be purchased with this type of insurance. Coverage can be enhanced by opting for riders like zero depreciation, engine protection, roadside assistance, and more.
    Cost Premium is decided by the IRDAI and is less expensive than own damage cover. Premium is decided by the insurance provider and depends on the bike’s engine capacity, IDV, make and model, etc.
     Coverage Limited coverage Wider coverage

    Third-party insurance provides hassle-free, and minimum documentation coverage. It protects you from all legal expenses against damage or death to a third party and is affordable in comparison to an own-damage cover. Own damage insurance protects the vehicle against accidental damages, theft, vandalism, man-made disasters, and natural calamities such as floods, landslides, and hurricanes.

    Keeping the above comparisons in your mind, compare the best two-wheeler insurance policies on Elephant and choose between a third-party or own-damage cover for your bike.

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    Published on: 13th May 2022
    Online Car Insurance Renewal: Just Do It

    The great financial guru  Robert Kiyosaki is well known for dishing out some of the most financially savvy advice. He always highlights the importance of saving and investing money. A key point that he always highlights is that it’s more important to save time and resources. Sometimes it is better to hire a financial planner to complete some of the generic work. By saving this time, you can focus more on other important tasks.

    We can predict one thing with certainty – your car getting a scratch, dent or a minor refurbishment every few months. This is not a question of IF, but a question of WHEN! And when this happens – would you want a good insurance company that settles your claims fast or one that questions every little thing!

    Buying a car insurance policy online is necessary as your car may face damages due to fire, theft, natural calamities, third-party liability, etc. It is important to keep yourself and your family safe at all times! Buying car insurance must be easy to do, fast and a seamless experience. It should be as easy as buying anything online!

    Here’s why you must always renew car insurance online.

    • Saves Time: The process of renewing online car insurance is completely different when Insurance can be renewed from anywhere. It is a quick process, you need to enter your policy details and pay the premium. All you need is a mobile with an internet connection. The renewal premium amount is lesser than what you pay offline as you don’t have to pay commission to any agent.


    • Timely Reminders: There can be times when you can forget to renew your car insurance policy. You need not worry about missing the due date with the online mode. Insurers send you multiple reminders before your insurance policy


    • Customizable policy: Customizing an insurance policy means an increased sum assured, adding specific covers and other features. Offline renewal is a time-consuming process and in some cases, you might get rejected or pay more if an agent tries to sell you an expensive policy. You can easily avoid such cases with the online renewal process.


    • No Paperwork requirement: Paperless process is another benefit of online car insurance renewal. No physical documents are needed as all important information like policy numbers,car details and personal details are stored in the insurance company’s database. You only need an identification number and your Credit Card.
    • Safe Payment: Renewing your four-wheeler insurance is completely safe. The premium amount that you pay is processed via secure payment gateways, which minimizes the risk of fraudulent activity.

    Reputed firms offer the facility to easily customize your car insurance. All policy details are crystal clear. Whether it’s data or payment, everything is transparent and verified. These benefits make online the best and safest option for your four-wheeler insurance renewal.

    It is important to understand the online renewal process for your car insurance. Compare the best quotes on Elephant and always read all details before you make a decision or payment.

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    Published on: 09th May 2022
    How to File a Car Insurance Claim?

    Due to an increase in the number of vehicles, driving can be tough during the peak and even the non-peak hours. You may follow the traffic rules and drive safely, but still end up having mishaps.

    The claim insurance process for car insurance has evolved over the years. Digitizing various transactions and technology has made it easier to complete the insurance claiming process. Read the points below to learn the steps you need to follow after an accident.

    Follow the step-by-step guide for making a car insurance claim:

    1. Informing your insurance company: Call your insurance company to inform them about the accident and give a detailed description of the damages to your car.
    2. File an FIR: Immediately inform the police about the accident and file an FIR(First Information Report). FIR is not required in minor dents and scratches. FIR is required in case of road accidents, theft, fire, and when a third party is involved in an accident.
    3. Take enough pictures: Make sure you take enough pictures of the place and the damage caused due to the accident. The insurance company will examine the extent of the damages and settle your claims accordingly. To ensure the damage is visible and images are clear.
    4. Submit required documents to the Insurer: The insurance company requires documents such as a copy of your car insurance, FIR, your driving license, and a copy of your car registration certificate. Submit all the required documents and work with your insurer for a hassle-free experience.
    5. Get your car repaired: You may take your car to the garage for repair. Or you may ask your insurance company to get the car fixed for you. If your claim is approved by the insurer, you will either get a
    6. In case of theft: In case your car is stolen, inform your insurance company and file an FIR at a local police station. Submit documents such as your Driving License, Registration certificate, FIR copy, etc. If the police are not able to trace your car and issue a non-traceable certificate, the insurer will settle the claim and pay the current market value of your car.

    Documents Needed for a Car Insurance Claim:

    • Copy of your car insurance policy
    • FIR from the police
    • Copy of your Driver’s License
    • Duly filled and signed claim application form.
    • Original cash receipts, repair bills, etc.
    • Medical bill in case of physical injuries
    • Registration certificate copy.

    Accidents may happen at any time. For making a claim in case of an accident, you must have a car insurance policy first. Compare the best insurance policy on Elephant and keep you and your care safe at all costs

What our Customers Say
  • For Employers
    The elephant has given a wide range of options at the best price to our employees under a single umbrella. A very unique business model and a bridge between retail insurance and corporate package.
    Kumar Gyanendra
    Kumar Gyanendra
    Human Resource(HR)
  • For Employees
    Elephant got my renewal at a price 5000 bucks lower than the renewal notice premium. These guys mean what they say when they say Killer Prices.
    Sushama Ghate
    Sushama Ghate
    Team Coordinator
  • For Employees
    Great support and service from Team Elephant. Always available and absolutely love how smoothly the whole process went by. Thanks for all support and help!
    Aishwarya Nair
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  • For Employees
    I went through the website and I must say it was really a smooth and delightful experience. Laxmi is very interactive and your focus on minutest of details made it fun buying an insurance policy.
    Nikhil Shukla
    Nikhil Shukla
    Relationship Manager
  • For Employees
    Elephant got my renewal at a price 5000 bucks lower than the renewal notice premium. These guys mean what they say when they say Killer Prices.
    Sushama Ghate
    Sushama Ghate
    Team Coordinator
  • For Employees
    Great support and service from Team Elephant. Always available and absolutely love how smoothly the whole process went by. Thanks for all support and help!
    Aishwarya Nair
    Aishwarya Nair
    Graphic Designer
  • For Employees
    I went through the website and I must say it was really a smooth and delightful experience. Laxmi is very interactive and your focus on minutest of details made it fun buying an insurance policy.
    Nikhil Shukla
    Nikhil Shukla
    Relationship Manager
  • For Employers
    The elephant has given a wide range of options at the best price to our employees under a single umbrella. A very unique business model and a bridge between retail insurance and corporate package.
    Kumar Gyanendra
    Kumar Gyanendra
    Human Resource(HR)
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Valid from : 13/10/2021 to 12/10/2024
Category : Composite Broker
Principal Officer Name: Mr. S. V. Thakkar
*All discounts provided by insurers as per IRDAI approved insurance plans. Standard T&C apply.
Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on policy terms, conditions, exclusions, limitations, please refer/read policy brochure carefully before concluding sale.
Visitors are hereby informed that their information submitted on the website may be shared with insurers for soliciting insurance policies.The product information for comparison displayed on this website is of the insurers with whom our company has an agreement.Product information is authentic and solely based on the information received from the Insurer.
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