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Crunching the Numbers: Understanding Yearly Car Insurance Premium Increases. Have you ever wondered why do car insurance premiums increase every year? One major problem that all policyholders face is the annual increase in car insurance premium rates. Even if they haven’t filed for a claim, many policyholders still wonder why these rates go up year after year. To clarify these doubts, we are here to explore the various factors behind such consistent surges in car insurance premiums in this blog.

Why Does Car Insurance Premium Increase?

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) regulates insurance policies in India. According to IRDAI, it is legally mandatory for all car owners to get third-party liability insurance in India under the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 to protect and make sure that a victim of a car accident receives adequate financial aid. The IRDAI is also responsible for revising insurance premiums every year. The premiums are altered based on various factors like the number of claims made in a particular year and the loss ratios for insurers.

Why do Insurers Increase the Price of Car Insurance Premiums: Understanding the Factors

It’s essential to understand why car insurance premiums increase year after year. If your car insurance premium has increased in 2023, there are numerous factors responsible for the rise of premiums:

Opting for a Wider Coverage

Third-party liability insurance is the most basic type of insurance that a car owner can buy and is also mandated by the law. Switching to a wider coverage plan, like a comprehensive policy, increases the premiums. A comprehensive policy offers extra protection; therefore, the insurer charges an extra premium for protecting you and your car. Your premiums can also increase if you opt for extra add-on covers like roadside assistance cover, an engine protection cover, or a zero depreciation cover. Simply put, the more protection you opt for, the higher the premium you pay. Therefore, you must opt for coverage plans that are perfectly aligned with your needs

Car Inspection during Policy Renewal

Your car undergoes inspection once you renew your insurance policy after it has expired. Getting your policy renewed before it expires is recommended as renewal after expiration will put your car under inspection, post which the insurance premiums for your car might increase.

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Cost of Car Repairs

The cost of repairs has drastically increased in today’s day and age. With advancements in technology in new cars, the parts for them have become expensive over time which in turn increases the cost of repairs and replacement. As the cost of repairs has increased, the insurers have also increased the insurance premiums to subside the financial risk on their end.

Having a High-Risk Driving Profile

Having a high-risk driving profile leads to an increase in car insurance premiums. Raising false claims and using your car for illegal activities is also considered a high-risk profile. Causing accidents and then filing for claims makes you a less ideal driver for the insurer. Therefore, if you are considered a high-risk car owner, your insurance premium will increase.

Your Vehicle’s Age

Your vehicle’s age plays a key role in determining car insurance premiums. An older car is more prone to damage than a new car. This makes car insurance providers charge higher premiums. Therefore, an older car is susceptible to higher premiums compared to a newer car.

Location of Car Owner

Premiums for car insurance are determined based on probable threats and risks. If the location you reside in is more prone to accidents, thefts, and natural calamities, then your risk of a car accident is higher than that of a car owner who resides in a relatively safer location. Accordingly, the insurance provider will charge your higher car insurance premiums to cover this risk.

Impact of Insured Declared Value on Premiums

The maximum claim amount that the insurer will pay you in the event of a total loss is called the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the car. A high IDV means that the insurer will have to pay a high amount in the event of a claim, putting the major liability on the car insurance provider. Therefore, car insurance premiums are higher for cars with a higher IDV.


We hope that this blog has helped in eliminating questions like, ‘Why did my car insurance go up?’. Understanding these factors can be beneficial because it can help you in navigating these increases in premiums. Email us at or call us on our toll-free support number- 1800 266 9693, to get in touch with our experts to solve any further queries! You may also get your perfect car insurance quote with instantly and unlock exclusive discounts on car insurance with just a few clicks.

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