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Being a corporate employee can be advantageous. We ensure you don't get the cheapest insurance but a right insurance meeting all your needs at the best negotiated price.
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No more waiting for the physical policies, which used to be lengthy and time consuming. Employees can now print or download the policy immediately after a successful payment!
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Getting into the world of insurance can be complicated, but with the presence of Elephant Insurance, no more! We have leading insurance experts that can help guide you through the entire process, making it a cakewalk!
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You may need help any time after you buy a policy and for the same reason, you get assigned with a dedicated digital relationship manager for any support. Someone's always there to rescue!
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Things do go wrong! But our experienced and dedicated claims experts will help you manage your claims effortlessly.
Lifetime Personalized Account
Who doesn't like to have everything under one roof? You will be provided with a lifetime personalized account for seamless policy management.
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You will get regular automatic renewal notification and reminders before policy expiry, ensuring the policy is renewed on-time, easily and quickly!
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The Direct Benefit to the Employers:
It is very common for the employees to feel stressed about the finances, and in such a scenario it directly affects the businesses and its growth. Financial wellness of the employees is directly related to the overall wellbeing of the business as if they are financially sound, they will show better productivity towards their work.
It all boils down to choosing the right insurance for your employees, and you can act as the guiding star for them.
Here are a few direct benefits employers can get:
Increase Financial Quotient
It helps employees get more educated and aware about their finances
Structured Planning
It will help employees plan their finances better and be at ease.
Secured Employer Platform
Making insurance management easy for employees, so that they can be more focused and productive at work.
Our latest Insurance articles & videos
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    Published on: 09th May 2022
    How to File a Car Insurance Claim?

    Due to an increase in the number of vehicles, driving can be tough during the peak and even the non-peak hours. You may follow the traffic rules and drive safely, but still end up having mishaps.

    The claim insurance process for car insurance has evolved over the years. Digitizing various transactions and technology has made it easier to complete the insurance claiming process. Read the points below to learn the steps you need to follow after an accident.

    Follow the step-by-step guide for making a car insurance claim:

    1. Informing your insurance company: Call your insurance company to inform them about the accident and give a detailed description of the damages to your car.
    2. File an FIR: Immediately inform the police about the accident and file an FIR(First Information Report). FIR is not required in minor dents and scratches. FIR is required in case of road accidents, theft, fire, and when a third party is involved in an accident.
    3. Take enough pictures: Make sure you take enough pictures of the place and the damage caused due to the accident. The insurance company will examine the extent of the damages and settle your claims accordingly. To ensure the damage is visible and images are clear.
    4. Submit required documents to the Insurer: The insurance company requires documents such as a copy of your car insurance, FIR, your driving license, and a copy of your car registration certificate. Submit all the required documents and work with your insurer for a hassle-free experience.
    5. Get your car repaired: You may take your car to the garage for repair. Or you may ask your insurance company to get the car fixed for you. If your claim is approved by the insurer, you will either get a
    6. In case of theft: In case your car is stolen, inform your insurance company and file an FIR at a local police station. Submit documents such as your Driving License, Registration certificate, FIR copy, etc. If the police are not able to trace your car and issue a non-traceable certificate, the insurer will settle the claim and pay the current market value of your car.

    Documents Needed for a Car Insurance Claim:

    • Copy of your car insurance policy
    • FIR from the police
    • Copy of your Driver’s License
    • Duly filled and signed claim application form.
    • Original cash receipts, repair bills, etc.
    • Medical bill in case of physical injuries
    • Registration certificate copy.

    Accidents may happen at any time. For making a claim in case of an accident, you must have a car insurance policy first. Compare the best insurance policy on Elephant and keep you and your care safe at all costs

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    Published on: 06th May 2022
    What Is Preventive Care? Does my Health Insurance Policy cover it?

    A common question that we ask when we think about Preventive care, is why should I go to the doctor when I am healthy? Also, does my Health Insurance Policy cover Preventive Care costs?

    A simple answer is that preventive care keeps you healthy and therefore lowers your health care costs. A stitch in time saves nine! Regular medical tests anyone?Preventive care helps detect or prevent serious diseases, illnesses, and medical conditions, rather than treating them after it has become acute or catastrophic. This may be called routine care for your body.Generally, preventive plans include tests for cholesterol levels, blood tests, diabetes tests, pressure monitoring, genetic testing, cancer screening, HIV tests, etc.

    Preventive care aims to help you stay safe and healthy. Regular tests and scheduled visits allow your doctor to identify medical problems before they become major health challenges for you.

    Benefits of preventive care include:

    • Early detection of illness, diseases, and other medical problems helps your doctor to provide timely treatment and proactive care.
    • Helps reduce the pain/ suffering from age/ hereditary medical issues.
    • Gives Doctors more time to diagnose and effectively treat any illness in its infancy
    • Reduces financial burden, that you might incur due to illnesses if detected in early stages

    Examples of preventive health services:

    • Annual Check-Up (1 per year) – Your Doctor checks your physical and emotional health. Early detection of major medical problems is possible.
    • Immunization- Most health insurance plans cover this and protect you from certain strains of the flu/
    • Vaccinations (typically administered during childhood) – Vaccinations against Polio, Measles, etc are covered.
    • Colonoscopies and other internal checkups
    • Screenings, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cancer tests.

    Considering things like age, family history, and current health status your Doctor can confirm what tests are right for you.  In order, for you to be fully covered your doctor or the testing facility must be registered with your insurance provider. Most Health Insurance policies cover preventive care costs, but they can differ from policy to policy.

    Preventive care is often covered by a health insurance policy and offers great benefits, both in health and cost to the consumer. To know more about which policies support preventive care costs and other health benefits, get insured with a health insurance policy from

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    Published on: 02nd May 2022
    What Is Full Coverage Auto Insurance? And Who Should Buy It?

    The idea of having “full coverage” auto insurance: getting total protection for your car, no matter what may happen, sounds great. But what does “full coverage” really mean for car insurance?

    To start with, there is no standard definition of “full coverage” for auto insurance. “Full coverage” although related to car insurance is confusing and misleading at times. The coverage is usually a package deal made of several collision, comprehension, and liability policies that can be customized to fit your needs. Different insurance providers offer different policies. A well-grounded insurance policy that safeguards you and your dear ones can be availed from the following coverages

    • Comprehensive coverage:

    Comprehensive offers coverage from damage to your vehicle. It can help with losses resulting from fire, theft, vandalism, floods, and those related to weather. Some insurance companies may exclude damage caused by a certain type of natural disaster such as flooding.

    • Collision coverage:

    A liability policy does not cover damage when you are at fault, that’s where collision coverage comes in handy. This type of coverage offers protection when your vehicle is hit by another person or you have crashed. It can be utilized whether you are at fault or not.

    • Liability Coverage: 

    This type of coverage includes the following components: third party car insurance, property injury, and bodily damage. This coverage gives you protection when you are at fault in an accident and have caused any damage/injury to another property or person. This third party car insurance is compulsory – and your car can’t run on the road without it!

    Generally, full coverage auto insurance is more expensive than regular insurance. Based on your needs you can make it affordable by customizing your auto insurance. Factors such as age, type of vehicle, location, driving record, and the policy you choose affect your insurance costs.

    Full coverage insurance isn’t required by law, but many states make it necessary for car owners to have some coverage such as liability insurance. Full coverage is a worthwhile investment if a car is your main mode of transportation. Build a package that covers you well during unforeseen accidents. Be sure to compare insurance quotes with us and get the best rates for your full coverage auto insurance. To safeguard your car get the best quotes at Elephant

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    Published on: 29th Apr 2022
    What does Home Insurance NOT cover?

    In the words of Dan Brown, “Knowledge grows exponentially. The more we know, the greater our ability to learn, and the faster we expand our knowledge base”. Knowledge is Power. It is good to be well-read but it is equally important to understand what your home insurance covers and what is not covered.

    Property insurance protects you from risks, damages and losses that may affect your home due to any unpredictable event. Your home is one of the most valuable assets and having protection is important because it takes a fortune to build your dream house.

    A home insurance policy provides coverage against theft, fire, burglary, accidental damage, earthquake, floods, and more. You must have checked these coverages under your home insurance plan, but did you check the exclusions in your home insurance policy?

    It is extremely important to know what is not covered in your home insurance policy before purchasing a plan. A home insurance policy does not cover the following –

    1. Intentional Destruction of property: If an insurer determines that damages to your property could have been prevented, you will not be covered. You could be charged with insurance fraud if a claim is filed for damages caused intentionally.
    2. Pre-existing damage to your home: Property Insurance is for sudden or accidental problems, such as burglaries and fires, not for general wear and tear. Performing basic maintenance is a must.

    Maintaining your home’s exterior, roof, fixing leaking pipes, and replacing worn-out floors are ways to avoid huge expenses that your insurance won’t cover.

    1. Damage caused by radioactivity from a nuclear power plant or nuclear waste: Your home insurance does not provide cover against nuclear accidents. Nuclear stations are required to provide their own liability insurance to cover damages if any.
    2. Damage/Loss caused directly or indirectly in consequence of invasion or war
    3. If the insured person’s house is unoccupied for more than 45 days continuously, theft and burglary claims are void.

    Always read your home insurance policy carefully and understand the coverage, benefits, and premium details. Be sure to have a complete understanding of the exclusions of your policy. With Elephant home Insurance policies, keep your home protected against any unfortunate events.

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    Published on: 25th Apr 2022
    How your present health/lifestyle affects your Life Insurance Premium

    The benefits and importance of life insurance can never be exaggerated. There is one important aspect that determines your premium. It’s your health and living a healthy lifestyle. Curious about how your current health status affects your insurance premium?

    While calculating your insurance premium, several components and factors are considered by an insurer. Apart from the assured sum, health conditions have a significant impact on the cost of the premium you pay.

    Without lowering the coverage or benefits of your life insurance there are other smart ways to bring down the cost of your premium. One of the cheapest and most effective methods is taking care of your health. Let’s dive deep into understanding how your life insurance premium is affected by your current health.

    • Preexisting medical conditions: You will have to pay more for your life insurance coverage if you suffer from high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and other medical conditions that your insurer specifies. Never hide facts about your preexisting medical conditions because your claim may be rejected and your family won’t benefit from insurance after your death.
    • Medical History of your Family: Your insurer is also interested in your family’s medical history and not only your personal medical history. This will help them know if you are genetically predisposed to suffer from illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. If the answer is yes, then your term insurance premium increases.
    • Drinking Habits: Insurers will consider you to be at risk of serious kidney and liver diseases if you are a heavy drinker. This will increase your premium cost.
    • Smoking Habits: Smoking has a negative impact on every aspect of your life. Smokers are considered high-risk insurance by the insurer because there is a likelihood of claims due to disability, critical illness, or premature death. There is a notable difference between the insurance of smokers and non-smokers. The premium is 40-60% higher for a smoker as compared to non-smokers.

    It seems harsh, but insurers have to calculate your life expectancy and risk profile based on your current health for a suitable premium amount of coverage. It would be unfair to those people maintaining good health were having the same sum assured, tenure policy, and are equally charged.

    Whatever the type of insurance, buying it early will help save premium costs because health, and age are important factors that determine insurance costs. If you are planning to buy a term insurance plan we recommend you check the Page.

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    Published on: 22nd Apr 2022
    How does a Personal Accident Insurance policy work?

    An accident does not come knocking at your door. Accidents can be a very shocking experience – not just for those involved but for families and friends as well. The uncertain nature of accidents catches people by surprise, giving them little time to react. It can cause severe injury, permanent disability, or even death.

    Any accident leads to a financial crisis. Accident victims and their families deal with immense mental and financial stress. Treatment, hospitalization, and inability to work while recovering contribute to hardships, and that is why it is always recommended that you buy personal accident insurance. Don’t you think?

    Personal accident insurance provides necessary financial assistance to you and your family against accidental death and physical injuries disabilities (Temporary, Partial/Permanent). There are various rider benefits such as Medical Expense Cover, Hospital Confinement Allowance, and Accidental Hospitalization Cover that a person can choose from.

    Types of Personal Accident Policy:

    • Individual Accident Insurance: In case of any accidental damage, this type of policy guards ONLY an Accidental death, loss of sight or limbs, or other permanent disabilities are covered by the insurance.
    • Group Accident Insurance: This type of insurance is taken by employers to give their employees Insurers provide a discount on premiums depending on the group size. For small organizations, it is a good incentive/value-added advantage as it is available at a very low cost. This is a basic plan and may offer very limited benefits as compared to an individual plan.

    What is covered by Personal Accident Insurance?

    1. Accidental Disability: A policyholder, who is partially or totally disabled(inability to do work and physical impairments) can claim for this coverage. Total disability can be temporary or permanent.
    2. Accidental Death: In case of an unfortunate death due to an accident, a policyholder can claim this type of coverage.
    3. Hospital cover: If an accident leads to hospitalization, payment is made each day for a certain number of days, under this type of coverage.

    Personal Accident Insurance Exclusions:

    1. Pre-existing injuries or disability.
    2. Accident due to intoxication of alcohol and drugs.
    3. Pregnancy or childbirth.
    4. Taking part in a dangerous and unsafe sports event.
    5. Intentional suicide attempt.

    If you are eager to protect yourself from the risks of accidents, then you must check Elephant’s Personal Accident Insurance plans. Safety first!

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    Published on: 18th Apr 2022
    Factors to consider while buying Term Life Insurance.

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic turned everybody’s life upside down. As we faced infinite hurdles, we understood just how unpredictable life can be. The reality of the increasing death rate encouraged us to buy term life insurance. Better to be safe than sorry!

    Term life insurance offers life coverage up to a certain period of time, i.e. the ‘term’. In case, the policyholder dies during the active years of the policy, then the family of the deceased receives a pre-decided monetary benefit from the insurance provider. In case the policyholder does not pass away, the policyholder gets an agreed sum of money on the maturity of the policy

    1. Coverage: The most common mistake we make is, calculating the required amount of coverage. You must consider the aspects such as age, average monthly expenses, current loans, and lifestyle. Experts recommend buying a policy with a death benefit of at least 7-10 times your annual gross income.
    2. Policy Period: The next important point to consider is the policy period. When you purchase a policy, choose the maximum available policy period. Opt for a term insurance plan at an early age if you want higher insurance coverage at a low premium.
    3. Right Insurer: It is important to consider the following parameters before choosing an insurance provider:
    • Claim-settlement Ratio: It is the ratio of the number of claims settled by an insurance company and the number of claims filed by the policyholders. It is advisable to go for the insurance company with the highest claim-settlement ratio(CSR)
    • Solvency Ratio: It highlights the insurer’s ability to pay out policyholder claims.
    1. Provide accurate information: Many companies reject claims on account of discrepancies filled in the form. Fill correct details, especially:
    • Date of Birth
    • Medical History(If you are a regular drinker, smoker, or may be suffering from an acute disease, do not hide these details from your insurer)
    • Family Medical History
    • Profession
    • Any other insurance policy you hold.
    1. Choosing Ad-on: Choosing suitable riders is an added benefit that provides additional coverage in the term insurance plan.
    • Critical Illness cover: On being diagnosed with critical diseases mentioned in the policy by the insurer, a lump sum amount is paid to the policyholder.
    • Waiver of Premium on critical illness: Future premiums are waived off if the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness mentioned in the policy during the policy tenure.
    • Waiver of Premium on disability: If a policyholder becomes permanently disabled during the tenure policy, your future premiums would be waived off.

    Before buying a term insurance plan, there are a lot of points that you should consider. Be sure to compare various plans on Elephant before finalizing the one you want to buy.

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    Published on: 15th Apr 2022
    A Millennial’s Guide to Buying Health Insurance

    Just imagine, what could you do with a lump sum of money? If you are between the age of 18-and 30, you might plan an adventurous trip or buy the latest gadget on the market. But would you think of investing in a health insurance policy?

    Millennials do not have a concept of saving and are often criticized for their lifestyle, where spending is prioritized over saving for the future. No one thinks of buying a health insurance plan until something bad happens. But health is above all, and with the COVID- 19 pandemic, Millennials have realized the importance of health insurance plans to cover the medical costs. Most of them find it challenging to choose the right health insurance. We can help you choose the right health insurance.

    • Plan selection:

    There are various types of health insurance plans. You get a wide range of comprehensive options when you buy an insurance plan at a young age. Health Insurance is not just about getting medical cover for your hospital bills. Apart from basic plans, you may purchase critical illness plans which cover the treatment of life-threatening illnesses like cancer. You may need a plan to cover your family too.

    Knowing about different types of health insurance plans can help you choose the right health insurance policy to suit your needs.

    • Check for Sub-Limits and deductibles before investing:

    This is an important factor to keep in mind before you get a health cover. Sub-limit is an extra limit placed on your medical insurance claim by the insurance provider. There may be limits on things like ambulance costs, room rent, ICU charges, or even doctor consultation charges.

    Read the policy terms thoroughly to identify such limits and avoid buying such insurance plans as you might have to pay expenses from your pocket.

    • Separate insurance for your Parents/ Family

    When buying health insurance for your family, make sure you do not include them in the same cover. The two benefits of doing so are as follows.

    1. Your parents are the eldest members of the family. The insurance company will calculate the premium based on their age. So the overall insurance cost increases significantly.
    2. If your parents have any illness and make frequent claims, you may not be able to accumulate a No-claim bonus. Your premium will be extremely high and in some cases, you may not get the insurance cover you need.

    Ignoring health insurance is not advisable as a serious accident or illness could hook you to staggering medical bills that will haunt you for years to come. To prepare yourself for challenging situations, get insured with a health insurance policy from Elephant Insurance.

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    Published on: 11th Apr 2022
    Comprehensive vs Third-party two-wheeler insurance – What’s best?

    For a large segment of people in India, the two-wheeler is the primary mode of transport. Although they provide better options in traffic and quick mobility, two-wheeler vehicles are more prone to accidents than four-wheelers.

    As per the Indian Motor Tariff act, it is mandatory to have at least third-party insurance for your vehicle. Have you ever wondered what comprehensive insurance and third-party insurance are?

    The key purpose of two-wheeler insurance is to compensate for the expenses due to two-wheeler damages or losses incurred by the policyholder or third party, i.e. if it’s your mistake. Two-wheeler insurance has three plans, designed to cover standalone own-damage expenses, third-party expenses, and comprehensive expenses.

    Third-Party Insurance: 3rd party bike insurance policy covers bodily injuries caused to and even the death of a third-party individual. The damage to third-party vehicles or property is also covered by your insurance policy. Premium rates of your third-party bike insurance are based on the cubic capacity of the engine and are decided by IRDAI annually.

    As per the Motor Vehicles Act, it is mandatory to have 3rd-party bike insurance, without which the driver/owner can receive a fine of Rs 2000 and/or imprisonment of up to 3 months. Hence, for every two-wheeler, it is necessary to have valid third-party insurance for commuting.

    • Comprehensive Insurance: This insurance offers extensive coverage as compared to third-party bike insurance. It consists of third-party bike insurance and protects your bike from third-party damages. Comprehensive Insurance also includes its own damage cover so your bike is also safe. The comprehensive insurance covers damages from fires, total loss or irreversible damage caused to your bike, self-ignition, acts of vandalism, terrorism, in addition to damages caused by natural calamities such as cyclones, earthquakes, etc.


    Differences between the two types of insurance policies:

    1. Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance covers both the first-party and third-party liabilities. Third-party two-wheeler insurance is for loss and damage due to a third person’s faults.
    2. Third-party insurance is mandatory by law, whereas comprehensive insurance is not. However, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance includes third-party liability insurance.
    3. Third-party insurance policies have a lower premium than comprehensive insurance policies.
    4. In comprehensive insurance, additional policies are bundled with first party-policy insurance. These add-ons may not be offered in third-party bike insurance.

    When getting a comprehensive or a third-party bike insurance policy, always evaluate the coverage you need for the protection of your bike. Compare the best bike insurance plan on and enjoy a hassle-free ride.

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